Subject matter: Detention centers, police
Length: 34 pages
Language: English (Chinese abstract)

January 19, 2011

Deaths in Custody

DEATHS IN CUSTODY – The Police's free rein to abuse power in detention centers – A 34 page report on the lack of clear and effective legal framework to properly manage China's 6000 detention centers, and how this has led to a string of most unusual deaths of detainees. The report focuses on the fact that Police are largely responsible for investigating their own crimes against detainees, and how the current laws fail to provide clear guidance for the Procuratorate to investigate crimes committed by detention center staff and police.

The report also presents information on 26 cases of unnatural deaths, in most cases obvious murders of detainees by Police. The report also looks at the calls made from both politicians, the media and academia in how the system need be reformed to ensure that the rights of detainees are protected.


Subject matter: Mental institutions, detentions
Length: 63 pages
Language: English (Chinese abstract)

June 16, 2010

Thought Crimes

THOUGHT CRIMES - China's use of psychiatric institutions as detention centers - The report details the use and misuse of China's psychiatric institutions by public security officials, and how the lack of clear regulations concerning placing people in psychiatric custody leaves little space for redress concerning these abuses.

The report provides an in-depth legal analysis of the legal framework concerning these institutions, as well as on 'Ankang' centers, special custodial institutions where politically unwanted people can be locked up. 'Ankang' centers are part of the administrative penalties system, and little external oversight, from for example the Procuratorate, exist. Misuse of the 'Ankang' institutions, which exists in major cities across China, is widespread and no national regulation or law exist governing these centers.


Subject matter: Forced evictions, barefoot lawyers
Length: 88 pages
Language: English (Chinese abstract)

March 29, 2010

Papering over the cracks

PAPERING OVER THE CRACKS - Reform of the forced eviction regime in China - Following several tragic cases of self-immolation in the face of forced eviction which took place late last year, the Chinese government has finally listened to the growing calls from within China to reform the laws which allow such forced evictions and demolitions to take place and recently released a consultation draft of new regulations.

Our latest report analysis the new regulations, including the reactions of some of China’s top constitutional experts, legal experts and legal practitioners, and discusses whether the new regulation is likely to ensure that the property rights of China’s urban residents are truly protected against government greed. The report also focuses on the practical remedies available to residents wishing to challenge their eviction.


Subject matter: Human rights defenders
Length: 38 pages
Language: English

January 25, 2010

No end in sight

A report to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders

NO END IN SIGHT - Sustained persecution of human rights defenders in China - A new report detailing how the persecution of human rights defenders has continued unabated at the same high level as during 2008 was released today. The report highlights different methods of persecution employed by central and local governments, and how the application of such methods differs between different groups of activists. The report furthermore presents information on key cases of human rights defenders currently being persecuted for their peaceful expression and use of basic rights enshrined in Chinese law.



Subject matter: Lawyers, judicial independence
Length: 32 pages
Language: English

October 21, 2009

Manipulation as insulation

MANIPULATION AS INSULATION – The non-renewal of weiquan lawyers’ licenses in China - The report provides information on the situation for lawyers and law firms in China, with focus on the abuse of non-renewal of lawyers’ licenses. It further analyzes frightening new developments concerning the communist party and the state’s growing control of independent lawyers and law firms in China. It provides information on the hazardous situation lawyers in China face when taking on politically sensitive cases, and how the administrative authorities use the annual re-registration to effectively disbar any lawyers it feels provokes the status quo.



Subject matter: Olympic Games
Length: 14 pages
Language: English

April 23, 2009

Olympian Reprisals

OLYMPIAN REPRISALS - A brief report documenting the Chinese government's response to domestic criticism and persecution of critics of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, through investigation of the situation of participants in two campaigns advocating for improvement of Human Rights protection before hosting the Olympic Games (Human Rights Torch Relay in southern China's Guangdong province and 'We Want Human Rights, not Olympics' campaign in China's northeastern province of Heilongjiang.



Subject matter: Illegal detention, petitioners
Length: 21 pages
Language: English

February 1, 2009

Black Jails in China: System, victims and facilities

BLACK JAILS IN CHINA - A brief report on Black houses, or Black Jails, released ahead of the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of China in February 2009 at the request of diplomatic missions in Beijing. The report maps out the system of black jails, the facilities, transfer stations and how they are operated, as well as how it effects petitioners in Beijing who seek to redress violations of their rights, and the 'retrievers' who illegally detain petitioners in government offices, train stations, a 'petitioner villages'.

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