JUNE 2011

  • NI YULAN: June 16: Ni Yulan's (倪玉兰) lawyer Cheng Hai (程海) have confirmed that Ni's husband Dong Jiqin (董继勤) have been formally arrested with the same charge, 'Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles' or 'Creating a disturbance' (寻衅滋事). A request for Ni's release on medical parole have been denied.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: June 11: Qi have decided to appeal the heavy sentence given on June 9.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: June 10: At 3pm June 9 the Tengzhou city court sentenced Qi to 12 years of imprisonment on charges of 'extortion and blackmail' and 'fraud', despite the charge and points of prosecution being the same as led to his initial four year imprisonment, in violation of Chinese law. PRESS RELEASE

MAY 2011

  • WANG WUQIN: May 30, 2011: Tomorrow, May 31, Xian Intermediate Court will begin the hearing for Gao Qiang's appeal.
  • ZHOU LI: May 20, 2011: Zhou Li is released from detention after spending several periods in hunger-strike, which have led to a deterioration of her health.
  • WANG WUQIN: May 11, 2011: Local court forwards the appeal of Gao Qiang to the Intermediate Court, waiting 30 days after receiving the appeal before forwarding it. Local court should have forwarded the appeal to the Intermediate Court within three days, but claimed that because a civil suit was also included, it would take an additional 10 days. Despite this excuse, it took 30 days before they forwarded it, adding yet another violation of procedural regulation in the case of Gao Qiang.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: May 9, 2011: Qi calls his wife and requests legal counsel.
  • CHEN DAOJUN: May 8, 2011: Imprisoned writer and essayist Chen Daojun (陈道军) is released after serving three years after conviction of 'inciting to subvert state power'.
  • NI YULAN: May 8, 2011: Ni was finally allowed access to her legal counsels Cheng Hai and Peng Jian on May 6.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: May 4, 2011: Qi is interrogated again, now the second time, without being given access to legal counsel in violation of law.

APRIL 2011

  • QI CHONGHUAI: April 27, 2011: Tengzhou Public Security Bureau interrogates Qi in prison, and makes it clear they do not intend to release him on June 25, but am instead to levy new charges against him to keep him locked up.
  • NI YULAN: April 15, 2011: According to so far unverified sources, Ni have been formally charged with 'Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles', of article 293 in the Chinese criminal code, which can lead to up to five (5) years of imprisonment.
  • WANG WUQIN: April 12, 2011: Wang Wuqin decided not to continue her appeal process, while Gao Qiang, an elected village leader who was convicted in same trial am pursuing an appeal.
  • NI YULAN: April 9, 2011: Ni Yulan and husband Dong Jiqin taken into Police custody on April 7. She had earlier in the month spoken to reporters about, amongst others, the detention of ZHOU LI.
  • OTHER: April 7, 2011: Renowned activist and former Tian'an'men protest movement student leader Li Hai (李海) was released from Chaoyang District Detention center and allowed to return home on April 6, 2011, after being detained on February 26 earlier this year as part of a widening crackdown.
  • ZHOU LI: April 4, 2011: Zhou Li was detained by Beijing Police on March 26 or 27, 2011 as part of a widening crackdown, according to a verified source.
  • WANG WUQIN: April 1, 2011. Verdict is delivered, Wang Wuqin sentenced to 1 year and three months of imprisonment, Gao Qiang to 2 years. No decision on whether to appeal have as of yet been taken. PRESS RELEASE

MARCH 2011

  • WANG WUQIN: March 28, 2011: Chang'an Court announced that the trial of Wang and Gao will resume on April 1. This despite that the trial was concluded, with final pleadings provided, on January 20, 2011. The Judge earlier stated that a verdict was to be announced before commencement of Spring Festival (early February). No reason for this increasingly strange behavior have been provided.
  • WANG WUQIN: March 8, 2011: Despite the last deadline for delivering a verdict was passed on February 15, 2011, the court have yet to announce a verdict on the trial of Wang Wuqin and Gao Qiang. Originally the verdict was to have been delivered no later than December 15, 2010, and the current status of non-verdict is yet another breach of Chinese law and procedural regulations.
  • ZHU GUIQIN: March 5, 2011: Staff at the black jail where Zhu is being held, Luo Tai Shan Zhuang (罗台山庄), refuses to release Zhu despite the presence of a lawyer. Calls to Police does not lead to her release. Black jail staff proceeds to attack visiting lawyer, stealing his phone and camera. Police continue to refuse to interfere to set Zhu free from her unlawful detention.
  • ZHU GUIQIN: March 2, 2011: An unknown man makes it known that Zhu is on hunger-strike.


  • ZHU GUIQIN: February 27, 2011: Zhu was detained and incarcerated in a black jail in Shenyang city, Liaoning province sometime on February 23.


  • NI YULAN: January 24, 2011: Over the last month, electricity, then water, and now internet connection, has been cut to the guesthouse room Ni Yulan (倪玉兰) and her husband is currently staying in. Police continue to pressure them to move out.
  • WANG WUQIN: January 21, 2011: Trial concluded at 19 (7pm) on January 20. Judge said verdict to be delivered before Spring Festival commences (February 2). Prosecutor threatened lawyer Wang while presenting his final pleadings for Wang Wuqin, adding yet another violation to the whole legal proceeding against Wang Wuqin and Gao Xiang.
  • Reports: January 19, 2011: New report released, DEATHS IN CUSTODY - The Police's free rein to abuse power in detention centers, about the widespread abuse in China's 6000 detention centers, and the lack of a clear legal framework to protect the detainees from torture and maltreatment.
  • WANG WUQIN: January 19, 2011: After a two hour morning session the judge adjourned the trial of Wang Wuqin and Gao Xiang again, now the 7th time. Trial to resume tomorrow (Thursday, January 20).
  • WANG WUQIN: January 14, 2011: After trial resumed on January 12, it was again adjourned on the 13th. This marks the 6th time the trial of Wang Wuqin and Gao Qiang has been adjourned.
  • WANG WUQIN: January 8, 2011: After trial proceedings on January 5 and 6, court adjourned again to be able to handle the many witnesses called by Wang and Gao Qiang's defense. Trial to resume on January 12.
  • OTHER: January 1, 2011: Zhang Jianhong (张建红), also known under his pen name Li Hong (力虹), died on New Years Eve 2010. Li was born 1958. Li was a long-time activist, writer, essayist, poet and editor-in-chief of 'Aegean Sea'. Since 2007 he has been serving a 6-year sentence in prison after conviction on charges of 'inciting to subvert state power'. He became critically ill in prison, but prison authorities rejected his request for medical care for at least four months before allowing him care. He was released from prison on June 5, 2010, to seek outside medical care. Authorities then blocked at least two donations made to him to pay for his care, leaving him without proper care. Li Hong (1958-03-06 to 2010-12-31) died of muscular dystrophy. After his death many of his friends were put under house arrest to prevent them gathering for a memorial.


  • YU DIHONG: December 31, 2010: Lu Huangyin was released on December 28, meaning that both Yu Dihong (released November 28) and Lu Huangyin are now free after serving 12 and 11 months respectively. Both say they will continue their petition-related activism.
  • WANG WUQIN: December 26. 2010: Trial of Wang Wuqin and Gao Qiang set to resume on January 5 or 6, 2011.
  • WANG WUQIN: December 16, 2010: Court informs lawyers that trial will not resume next week as planned.
  • SUN WENGUANG: December 14, 2010: Sun Wenguang (孙文广) was put under soft detention before the Nobel Peace prize ceremony. He was released December 11.
  • WANG WUQIN: December 11, 2010: Four villagers were detained in Ganzhai village near Xian City a day before the trial of Gao Qiang and Wang Wuqin was set to continue (December 7). They have been detained in relation to the same incident Gao and Wang are currently standing trial for. The villagers, the first two of which are relatives of Gao Qiang, are Gao Shengli (高生力), Gao Puqiang (高普强), Liu Fei (刘飞), and Wang Jianmin (王建民).
  • ZHANG JINFENG: December 11, 2010: Zhang Jinfeng (张金凤) was released from labor camp on December 7, 2010, three days before her set release date of December 10, 2010.
  • WANG WUQIN: December 11, 2010: Zhao Yiping and the trial lawyer arrived in Beijing on December 10, International Human Rights Day, after driving from Xian for 13 hours and offered Dong Qianyong (董前勇) and Wang Quanzhang (王全章) (Gao Qiang and Wang Wuqin's defense lawyers) an apology for the attack on Dong earlier in the week. The incident has received coverage by local media who, mistakenly, has also reported that Wang Wuqin's lawyer, Beijing-based Wang Quanzhang, was also attacked.
  • WANG WUQIN: December 8, 2010: The trial of Wang Wuqin and Gao Qiang resumed yesterday (December 7) in Chang'an District Court, Xian city. The trial judge and chief justice had not arrived after 20 minutes past starting time, and Gao's lawyer Dong Qianyong asked Zhao Yiping, a court staff member to open the court to let the defendants and villagers there to view the proceeding wait inside. Zhao responded by slapping Dong on his ear. Zhao then tried to escape through a window after villagers became angry with his behavior, but could not and police had to arrive to take him to the Police station for safekeeping. During the actual trial session the trial judge interfered in the defense lawyers work, and called a one hour recess in the middle of the proceedings.
  • SUN WENGUANG: December 4, 2010: On November 30, 2010, professor Sun was notified by the Jinan city Police that his application for a passport had been denied. Sun had been invited to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.


  • WANG WUQIN: November 28, 2010: The trial of Wang Wuqin will resume at 9am on December 7, 2010.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: November 24, 2010: At 3pm on November 24, 2010 the Zigong city Intermediate Court upheld the original verdict against Liu.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: November 13, 2010: Liu's lawyer Lawyer Zheng Jianwei (郑建伟) visiting Liu at the detention facility on November 12 and is now worried about Liu's health. His blood pressure, already high, has now reached 190, and the detention center staff is not allowing Liu to do any excessive. He has also developed a skin disease, and is not allowed to read newspapers.
  • WANG WUQIN: November 12, 2010: The Chang'an court in Xian suspended the trial of Wang Wuqin on the same day it started, November 11. The trial must be concluded and verdict announced no later than December 10, 2010.


  • LIU ZHENGYOU: October 22, 2010: Second trial of Liu concludes, date for announcing verdict not yet set.
  • SUN WENGUANG: October 17, 2010: The professor was summoned for questioning by Jinan city police on the morning of October 16, for expressing his appreciation for Liu Xiaobo receiving the 2010 Nobel Peace prize. He was also summoned on the evening of October 8.
  • SUN WENGUANG: October, 2010: The Shizhong Qu People's Court in Jinan city, Shandong, denied Professor Sun's filing for an administrative lawsuit against the Public Security Bureau. He is currently considering an appeal.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: October 14, 2010: Liu's second trial, after his appeal was approved, is set to begin on October 21, 2010.
  • WANG WUQIN: October 11, 2010: The case of Wang Wuqin and Gao Qiang in Xian was, after a month of supplementary investigation by police, sent to the Court. Trial to begin within one month starting from October 11. Both are being charged with ' 'Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles''.


  • YU DIHONG: September 21, 2010: Yu Dihong and Lv Huangyin was both sentenced on the charge of 'Interfering with the execution of public function'. Yu received an 11 month sentence, and Lv 1 year. Yu is set for release on November 28, Lv on December 28.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: September, 2010: The Zigong Intermediary Court, Sichuan Province, approves Liu's appeal after being convicted on 'fraud' on August 20, 2010.


  • LIU ZHENGYOU: August 25, 2010: Urgent Appeal is submitted to UN Special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders requesting intervention. On the same day Liu submits his appeal to the intermediary Court of Zigong city.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: August 20, 2010: Liu was sentenced at a 4pm session of Ziliujiang district court of Zigong city, Sichuan province on August 20 to 2 years of imprisonment on the charge of fraud.
  • ZHANG JINFENG: August 20: Allowed to receive legal counsel. First visit of any kind allowed for over a year.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: August 18, 2010: According to Liu's lawyer Zheng Jianwei verdict will be delivered at 16 O'clock (4pm) on August 20.
  • ZHOU LI: August 12, 2010: Zhou Li is released after serving one year prison term.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: August 12, 2010: Zigong city People's Court is still refusing to announce a verdict in violation of Criminal Procedure law article 168 which obliges the court to announce verdict no later than thirty (30) days after beginning of trial.


  • ZHOU LI: July 7, 2010: On July 6 Beijing's no. 2 Intermediate Court upheld the verdict of Zhou Li, and thus struck down Zhou Li's appeal.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: July 6, 2010: Trial of Liu and his wife begins, pleads not guilty. Their daughter is detained at 9.00 am in the morning due to "causing a disturbance" outside the court house, released after conclusion of first day of trial.


  • LIU ZHENGYOU: June 24, 2010: Liu's case has been handed over to the court. Trial date set for 9am, July 6. Lawyer Zheng Jianwei (郑建伟) will represent Liu. Court of trial is district court of Ziliujing, Zigong city, Sichuan province.
  • Reports: June 16, 2010: New report released, THOUGHT CRIMES - China's use of psychiatric institutions as detention centers, about the widespread misuse of mental institutions and special custodial centers known as 'Ankang'.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: June 1, 2010: According to Liu's lawyer who visited Liu on June 3, Liu started a second hunger-strike on June 1. Liu's lawyer expressed concern regarding Liu's health.


  • QI CHONGHUAI: May 27, 2010: A second Urgent Appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders is submitted highlighting prison authorities illegally blocking his access to legal counsel.
  • YU DIHONG: May 11, 2010: Yu Dihong is allowed access to his legal counsel. Suffering from continues beatings from other inmates, who also steals his food. Is in a very depressed mood.
  • ZHOU LI: May 4, 2010: Zhou Li sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment by Chongwen district People's Court (Beijing) on charge of "Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles". See latest press release on Zhou Li for details.


  • QI CHONGHUAI: April 23, 2010: On April 21 Qi's younger brother was allowed to see Qi in Zaozhuang prison. Qi is no longer in solitary confinement, and has been given lighter work duties (from manual labor to propaganda work). According to Qi's brother, this reversal in the prison's treatment of Qi is due to a combination of declining health and international pressure.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: April 23, 2010: Liu's lawyer visited Liu on April 15. He was informed by Liu that he has started a hunger strike on April 12. Liu said that police had tried to get him to write a confession, and that his refusal had led to prolonged interrogation by two police officers. Liu says the hunger strike is a protest over the treatment of Li and his wife Hu Yulan, which are both in detention. His wife's health is deteriorating, and the Procuratorate is continuing to delay any legal process against them.
  • ZHOU LI: April 11: Trial, which was adjourned earlier, set to resume on April 12
  • ZHOU LI: April 11: Major update on Zhou Li's case. See Update on Zhou Li April 11, 2010 document at page for Zhou Li for information on the trial, statements by witnesses and head defense counsel Mo Shaoping.
  • ZHOU LI: April 2: Trial to begin April 6, 2010


  • SUN WENGUANG: March 29, 2010: Sun files for administrative lawsuit.
  • Reports: January 25, 2010: New report released, PAPERING OVER THE CRACKS - Reform of the forced eviction regime in China, about proposed changes in legislation regarding forced evictions, and how barefoot lawyers are working to provide defense for those evicted.
  • ZHOU LI: March 28, 2010: Trial court is Chongwen court (崇文法院)
  • ZHOU LI: March 24, 2010: Trial of Zhou Li - Mo Shaoping set to lead defense, Ma Gangquan assisting.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: March 16, 2010: Procuratorate returns case to PSB for further investigation. PSB has until April 15 to re-submit case to Procuratorate.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: March 15, 2010: A second attempted visit by lawyer to Qi is denied, the "power of attorney" is denied, in violation of the Chinese Criminal procedure law.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: March 8, 2010: Hu Yulan, Liu's wife, is denied bail, despite her bad and deteriorating physical health in the detention center.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: March 2, 2010: Deadline for Procuratorate to bring charges, issues half-month extension.


  • QI CHONGHUAI: February 19, 2010: Lawyer denied visitation right to Qi, according to prison authorities due to the Spring festival.
  • ZHOU LI: February 17, 2010: Power of attorney retained for Zhou Li.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: February 13, 2010: Qi called his wife the day before spring festival, phone line was cut less than one minute into the conversation, and was cut when Qi started mentioning further mistreatment in prison. Told wife he is being kept in solitary confinement, spending all day and night in a very small cage.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: February 2, 2010: Liu's case sent to Procuratorate's office.


  • Reports: January 25, 2010: New report released, NO END IN SIGHT - Sustained persecution of human rights defenders in China, about ongoing persecution of advocates for civil- and political rights.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: January 22, 2010: After leaking his writings (see below), prison authorities now forbid all visitors to Qi, including those by his wife. Visits by wife and brother has earlier been refused as well.
  • QI CHONGHUAI: January 22, 2010: Power of attorney granted by Qi's wife to assist Qi in seeking redress. A visit by a lawyer is expected within the next few weeks.
  • LIU ZHENGYOU: January 19, 2010: Liu's case transferred to Procuratorate. No prosecutor assigned to case as of yet.

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