We prefer to receive information and requests on our Hushmail account, but also offers a gmail. We do not publish our phone numbers but such can be requested.

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  • For web-related inquiries, please write "Webmaster" in the subject line.

'moc.liamg|noitcAanihC.tcatnoC#moc.liamg|noitcAanihC.tcatnoC' for OpenPGP(2)

1 offers a secure, encrypted email service. To benefit from the security, register for a Hushmail account, and you can communicate with us securely and, if you choose, anonymously.

2 OpenPGP and GnuPG offers high-level encryption and authentication. To use OpenPGP or GnuPG you need to install the encryption engine.

You can also reach us on our gmail with OpenPGP encryption. Our public key (4096-bits) can be found here:


If you have information about a human rights defender in distress, please feel free to supply any helpful information to the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group through the listed email address below. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that we can help. As mentioned above we are dependent on grants and donations and therefore our ability to help in a specific case will also be determined by available funding and personnel.

Make sure to include information on the human rights defender's current situation and whereabouts, his or her human rights activities and as much background information as possible. Contact information for the human rights defender, or for his or her friends or family will greatly increase the speed of our response.

  • See the template below for what kind of information the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group strives to collect before initiating an urgent action.

Form: Standard information form.pdf

人 权 卫 士 紧 急 救 援 协 会


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